Falls Church City Development Presentation (video)

In late April, the developers of the Falls Church City site at Shreve and Route 7 recorded a presentation for the community discussing the design and answering questions. The presentation is broken into three segments, and we’ve provided time stamps for the Q&A below.

The developers have offered to respond to any additional questions from the community. You can email info@fallshill.org with your questions and they will be shared with the developer.

Introduction and Site Overview: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/vvBTBbrBpm5Ie8-O13vFR4MbBpn8eaa81iAZ-6YNxUdIAFHpeXNp2INLxjUX1JOS?startTime=1588019930000

High School, Virginia Tech, and WMATA Sites: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/vvBTBbrBpm5Ie8-O13vFR4MbBpn8eaa81iAZ-6YNxUdIAFHpeXNp2INLxjUX1JOS?startTime=1588021251000

Question and Answers: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/vvBTBbrBpm5Ie8-O13vFR4MbBpn8eaa81iAZ-6YNxUdIAFHpeXNp2INLxjUX1JOS?startTime=1588023377000

Questions and time stamps:

1:40 How does the development compare with Mosaic?

4:16 What does parking look like at the site? What considerations have been done to address concerns about parking in nearby neighborhoods?

9:40 Are you considering the development of the Giant and Don Beyer sites in the design and how it could work collectively?

13:20 Does completion of the High School impact the construction timing for the development? When will construction start?

14:33 Is there an impact from COVID-19?

16:28 There are concerns about the removal of existing trees at the site. How is the city and design addressing the concerns?

18:33 Will we see gridlock on Route 7? What is being done to address Route 7 traffic?

28:00 While transportation improvements at the development happen, nearby neighborhood infrastructure doesn’t change. In the meantime, vehicle volume within a neighborhood increases. What can communities do to address these challenges?

Common questions from other communities:

34:22 Will Kiss & Ride and drop off remain at Metro?

34:55 Placement of new BRT line on Route 7

35:48 Traffic calming plans within the new development

36:24 Affordable housing ratios

37:34 New dog park

38:34 On street parking options

38:53 Issues of light pollution

Next Steps

41:00 What is the timing for both traffic improvements and construction. When will retail open?

46:45 What will be the opportunities for community input before designs are finalized?