Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome to the new Falls Hill Website! We just launched this so it is still pretty basic.

There is a member only Directory available, we are doing the initial population of this based on the sign-ups collected at the Inglewood Court meeting yesterday evening.

We’d love to have some folks volunteer to curate content for the site, you’ll be given training and the ability to publish content here, etc. Eventually we’ll get a volunteer sign-up form or something, but for now, just send an email to volunteer@fallshill.org.

Stay tuned for an incrementally better-looking site with more and more features.

3 thoughts on “Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!”

  1. Great job getting the site up and running. Here is a note from Larry Sexton on the Chestnut project.

    The meeting on the safety of the corner of #7 and Chestnut will be on Oct. 17 at G.Mason H.S. from 6:30-8:30. Need a show of people to come to this.

  2. We are really excited see this new communication method for our neighborhood. Thanks for setting this up and hosting. Looking forward to meeting new friends at Oktoberfest and continuing the tradition made possible by long time leaders of the Civic Association. Cheers, The Reddings

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